Bank Feeds with Xero

Existing Xero bank connections with Barclays and  bank feeds set up using Yodlee, will no longer be available due to industry-wide standards soon to take effect.

If you are currently using these feeds, you’ll need to change to new direct bank feeds where available. This will ensure transactions can continue to flow into Xero each day.

New feeds are safe, straightforward and free

Xero partnered with OpenWrks to bring new direct feeds that are secure, easy to set up from inside Xero, and free of charge.

New feeds will be available in stages for most UK banks and account types beginning in August. However, some customers won’t have a feed to connect to as some banks will be making feeds available at a later date.

In the interim, those businesses will need to manually import transactions into Xero or wait until a feed is available and backdate transactions.

Getting ready

Information will be shown on the Xero dashboard and also to all subscribed customers via email.

Setting up new bank feeds

If you setting up completely new bank feeds in Xero, you will need to connect to an available direct feed using Open Banking.

If you set up a Barclays or Yodlee feed before the new direct feeds are available, you’ll still need to change to a new feed that uses Open Banking from August or you can manually import transactions until the new feeds become available.